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Sunday , October 22 2017
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Amazing Sun Photos

Run the dynamics of the Sun Observatory (SDO) took place on 11 February 2010. Her observations of the Sun will last for the next five years, and scientists expect to receive information about exactly how the Sun affects the climate and chemical processes occurring on Earth. Let’s look at the photos taken with the equipment on board the spacecraft observatory.

Unreal Sun Photos1 Amazing Sun Photos

1. Passage in the shadow of the moon.
Dark object between the sun and lens equipment on board the spacecraft – the dynamics of the solar observatory (SDO), owned by – is the moon. Thus, in the photo – a partial eclipse.

Unreal Sun Photos2 Amazing Sun Photos

2. Ring of Fire.
Dense gas cloud in the shape of the loop above the solar surface. Solar prominence, namely the so-called phenomenon can escape for thousands of kilometers into space and stay above the surface of the sun for several months. The length of the largest known prominences, observed in 2010 amounted to 692 000 kilometers. This is approximately equal to the radius of the Sun.

Unreal Sun Photos3 Amazing Sun Photos

3. Sunspots.
Dark spots are due to the advent of intense magnetic activity, which creates areas of low surface temperature. Sunspots can expand and coalesce with each other – they migrate through the solar surface at speeds of hundreds of kilometers per second. They can reach 80,000 km in diameter, and with the Earth can be seen with the naked eye.

Unreal Sun Photos4 Amazing Sun Photos

4. Sunrise.
Sunrise over the Earth.

Unreal Sun Photos5 Amazing Sun Photos

The space shuttle “Atlantis” flies past the Sun during its 30th flight. This photo was taken from the Kennedy Space Center Hubble Space Telescope.

Unreal Sun Photos6 Amazing Sun Photos

6.Shiny Star
Former NASA astronaut Joseph Tanner in the space shuttle “Discovery” low on the Earth’s orbit during the second expedition of the Hubble Space Telescope. Behind him the water the sun. Low orbit over the sky always appears dark, because the atmosphere is not enough for the diffusion of sunlight.

Unreal Sun Photos7 Amazing Sun Photos

7.Plazmennye loop
Originating in the photosphere, the coronal loops reach 96 000 km and can be observed between the bottom of the solar corona and transition layer of the Sun. Drifting along the magnetic field, arc beginning to pull away when the temperature of the plasma and fall to the ground with a speed of 90 km / h when its temperature starts to drop. Scientists have recently suggested that the solar corona is heated to a temperature 300 times higher than the temperature of the surface of the sun.

Unreal Sun Photos8 Amazing Sun Photos

8. Jet Streams
Similar to the needle spikes rising from the inner surface of the sun the chromosphere at speeds of jet aircraft in excess of 48 000 km / h. Above the surface can be up to 60,000 of these “needles”. Duration of up to 5 minutes

Unreal Sun Photos9 Amazing Sun Photos

9. View with 360 degrees
Based on data with high resolution, resulting from research observatories, NASA STEREO, this photo shows the two halves of the Sun, taken from two opposite sides of it. This photo is part of NASA’s comprehensive study of solar activity.

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