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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Animals In War

In the history of war, the animals fought with people. Here are just some of them.

Animals in War1 Animals In War

1. German soldiers posing with a horse in the Second World War. At the beginning of the war in the German army had mounted division, in a war they used the horses for the exploration and transportation of ammunition and other provisions.

Animals in War2 Animals In War

2. Kinolog-Marine calms his German shepherd, to make an X-ray, after it fired a Japanese sniper in the Solomon Islands. Unfortunately, the dog di*d from injuries.

Animals in War3 Animals In War

3. An American sailor is photographed with a monkey on Bermuda during the Second World War.

Animals in War4 Animals In War

4. The horse is ready for combat. Animals are often used to transport food.

Animals in War5 Animals In War

5. American soldiers and local children ride on an elephant in Burma during the Second World War. Soldiers are often met with exotic animals such as monkeys, camels and elephants.

Animals in War6 Animals In War

6. Soldier sleeping with his best four-legged friend Dobermans. In war, animals and people are especially close.


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