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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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New Barbie is Born!

Judging by the style of Lady Gaga, new Barbie is really born! Same hair, same sunglasses, same great body…. I think that Barbie definitely have some competition! Well, time will tell us, and for now, here is just these pictures that shows us that Lady Gaga desperately wants to be like a Barbie doll. We wish her a luck, but there is  room on the world just for one and only Barbie, don’t you think so? Still, the tastes should not be discussed, so take a look, and let me know what you think. Enjoy.

New Barbie1 New Barbie is Born!

New Barbie2 New Barbie is Born!

New Barbie3 New Barbie is Born!

New Barbie4 New Barbie is Born!

New Barbie5 New Barbie is Born!

New Barbie6 New Barbie is Born!

New Barbie7 New Barbie is Born!

New Barbie8 New Barbie is Born!

New Barbie9 New Barbie is Born!

New Barbie10 New Barbie is Born!


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    unbelievable! Lady gaga is a an amazing gal. I really love her stuff. I took my children to see her last month in concert and had a brilliant time.

  2. I adore Lady Gaga! Many thanks for posting this. She’s the greatest.

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  5. Omg.. I LOVE Lady Gaga.. She’s soo beautiful/

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  29. Lady Gaga finally ‘meats’ her fans lol

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