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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Top 15 Weirdest History Photography


There are a lot of really weird and bizarre history photography, but some of them are really and truly bizarre and weird, that they deserve really special place in our archive. People in the history tend to do a lot of weird and bizarre stuff, that today, are just impossible to imagine, and we are really lucky they had the ... Read More »

Jellyfish Photos You Won’t Believe It’s Real


Photographer from South Florida Aaron Ansarov looked at the jellyfish fresh eyes. Portuguese man o ‘war – species of jellyfish that sting their prey or people if they are approached too closely. Ansar is not afraid to take an amazing photos of these amazing creatures. These crazy photos are not something you see everyday, so, at the first sight, people ... Read More »

Crazy Arts In The Petri Dish


An creative and amazing artist Klari Reis, from San Francisco, starts his each and every day by creating an abstract painting in a Petri dish. This cup is commonly used by biologists for the cultivation and growth of colonies of different organisms. This kind of arts is very unusual, but it’s also very cleaver and interesting, because, this is not ... Read More »

Beetles Made From Junk


British artist Mark Oliver from old books, toys and electrical parts creates bizarre beetles, spiders and insects. He is an amazing photographer, and he really knows how to put together an simple and amazing master peace. Here is some photos of the awesome making of beetles arts. Take a look, and enjoy! Read More »

MacBook Made Of Gold


Model 24kt Gold & Diamonds Macbook Pro, covered with 24 carat gold with an engraved patterns. The Apple logo is laid out of diamonds. American company Computer Choppers started this extremely expensive project in order to attract some really wealthy buyers, and they hit it right. The proud owners of this pricy peace of technology are mostly rich people from ... Read More »

Bad Break Up Lines


Everybody in this world knows some kind of a fairytale, that our own moms, dads and grandma and grandpa read to us. In these types of magical stories, there was always the princess or queen, and the knight in shining armor who took her heart and they fall in love madly. So, each and every single men and woman, grew ... Read More »

Doll Station


September 10 in Moscow at the metro station “Sparrow Hills” has opened an unusual exhibition. Any visitor can admire the Moscow Metro on the dolls from the collection of the Puppet Theatre named exemplary. The exhibition is timed to the double anniversary of the theater. This year marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of his creator, director and actor ... Read More »

Unusual Office: Grand Gift


Sites such organizations are usually incredibly boring, banal and mission. But not in “Grand Gift”: a tradition in society packaging gifts and express their feelings with the help of gift packaging, we create a designer collection of gift wrap, accessories, gifts and decoration items, which are a whole range of positive feelings, promoting honesty and openness in relations between people. ... Read More »

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