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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Magnificent Fractal Art


Fractal art – is one of the trends of modern art art. At the heart of it – the theory of the American and French physicist Benoit Mandelbrot. Fractal art is very popular with digital photographers, images that are created by means of a fractal generator, rich, very bright, like the glowing images. Fractal pattern is often compared to jazz ... Read More »

Everyday Life Of A Planets


These creative illustration of a photographer and graphic designer David Jordan Williams show episodes of “daily life” of the planets in the solar system. The project is called “Resting our solar system.” These amazing space photos are showing us how it would be if the planets are included in our everyday life. It would be just an magnificent experience, and ... Read More »

Top 10 Deep Space Photos By Patrick Hohlyaytnera


Austrian photographer Patrick Hochleitner is a true master. He is a master in taking a deep space photography, and he is great at it. He is taking space photos near Moravia (20 km from Vienna). Due to the strong light pollution, is really hard to take a perfect picture of the space, but Patrick did it, and this is the ... Read More »

Other Planets In The Place Of The Moon


Have you ever tried to imagine what would it be to have other planets instead of the Moon? We have, and we gotta say, it would be amazing to see that scenery! Some really cleaver people put together this series, where they put other planets, and replace it with the Moon. The result is shocking! You gotta admin, it would ... Read More »

Travel to the Constellation Ursa Minor


Small constellation Ursa Minor contains only 25 stars visible to the naked eye. It is not particularly bright nebulae or galaxies, and it contains no star clusters. But the constellation is good because it can be observed at any time of year. Constellations Big and Little Dipper. These constellations are known to all by the characteristic stellar figures representing them. ... Read More »

Astonishing Space Photos By Astronaut André Kuipers


Space is a world wide mystery, and not so many people get a chance to into the amazing space, and have the experience to see these magnificent views, planets, and so many amazing and stunning stuff. These space photos are taken by an astronaut André Kuipers, and they are just stunning. Having to see the photos that are taken by ... Read More »

Famous Brands Food


Today, everywhere you look, you can see something that is related to fashion. Dogs are all dressed up, cats also, you get your food prepared by an famous chef, you are seeing a Hollywood star walking by you, and lots of other things! Tricia from The Glam Foodie decided to get into our minds using another method. She decided to ... Read More »

Amazing Tiny Miracles


Lots of people these days are into putting stuff under the microscope and looking at it, while it makes it’s own shape, size and colors. Nobody can say it’s not interesting and fun. Today, we are presenting you with some amazing stuff under the microscope, that you will just love it. The shapes and colors of these under the microscope ... Read More »

Costumes Of The Legendary Musicians


Singapore illustrator who works under the pseudonym of Madness, has created a series of illustrations Iconic Musician Outfits, a concert dedicated to the most recognizable costumes and clothing of legendary musicians. You can see everything here, and this artist really did a great job! So, if you like this king of arts photos, take a look and enjoy! Read More »

MacBook Made Of Gold


Model 24kt Gold & Diamonds Macbook Pro, covered with 24 carat gold with an engraved patterns. The Apple logo is laid out of diamonds. American company Computer Choppers started this extremely expensive project in order to attract some really wealthy buyers, and they hit it right. The proud owners of this pricy peace of technology are mostly rich people from ... Read More »

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