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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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The strange world of the bingo caller


Back in 1978, the Mancunian post-punk band, The Fall, released their first single. Entitled, “Bingo Masters’ Breakout” the song was a sad look at the life of the bingo caller in a sardonic and dry way that was to make The Fall one of the country’s best-loved bands for decades after.   by  xopi  “A big shot’s voice in his ears, worlds ... Read More »

4 Simple DIY Arts & Crafts Projects for Long Road Trips


Crafts are a great way to fill the time, especially when your kids are bored on a long road trip. The only problem, though, is that arts and crafts projects tend to be as messy as they are entertaining. But with a little planning and creativity, you can still make it work. Take a look at these four craft project ... Read More »

6 Budget Friendly Ways to Enjoy a Night Out or In


These days, event tickets can be expensive. When you are done buying your tickets, there is not a lot of money left over to make a whole night of it. That is why it is a good idea to have some budget friendly ways of enjoying your night out. Enjoy a Nice Meal at Home Before Going Out   Image ... Read More »

The New Super Bowl’s Commercials


Cars.com, a quality online resource for car buyers and sellers, is releasing a new commercial that will be seen during Super Bowl Sunday. Cars.com Campaign has its sights on showing how helpful and important is it to look for the best car information from an award-winning web destination. The 30-second spot Cars.com fills will be shown during the 1st quarter of ... Read More »

Daily Affairs Of The Aging Superhero


Another photo shoot about a superhero in real life. Series Paul Armstrong called “Everyday things an aging superhero.” He shot the series from 2008 to 2010, it starts with Captain America. We always thought that superheroes have a great life – lots of action, always something to do, all the girl they saved from bad, and just amazing homes, that ... Read More »

The Art Institutes Hosting Fashion Competition


The ability to express oneself through creativity and commitment is what The Art Institutes is all about. That is why The Art Institutes Passion for Fashion 2013 is a fashion competition open to young fashionistas. It is the 8th annual fashion competition with competitors having the opportunity to win college scholarships. Two national grand prize winners will receive a half-tuition scholarship, ... Read More »

The Silent Killer: Sudden Cardiac Arrest


There is a killer out there that is taking 350,000 lives each year. The killer can strike at anyone at anytime without the victim knowing they are at risk. It is SCA, or Sudden Cardiac Arrest. This October, Arrest the Risk Heart Rhythm Society SCA Awareness, is teaching the public about the impact of SCA and its aftermath. Sudden cardiac ... Read More »

LCD Price Fixing Class Action Settlement: What this Means


Some of the popular brands of technology such as Epson, Samsung, and Sharp are having to pull out their money and put them back into the pockets of their customers. These brands names and others were taken to court earlier in the year with the accusation that they illegally increased the actual cost of liquid crystal display (LCD) products such ... Read More »

Faces From All Around The World


While traveling, we are able to see the Face of the World, different peoples, cultures and traditions, to understand how they live, how they are happy and sad, as they like, trust and experience. Travel – it’s an opportunity to learn a better world. After all, is full of amazing places. While traveling, we are able to see the places, ... Read More »

Tiny Heroes Of The Big War


There is a club that deals with making small figures that constitute beautiful dioramas. Its members are elder than 30 years old. The club was started at the Soviet times.  Every year less and less veterans who participated in the World War II are left. The youngest war participant in Dnepropetrovsk is now 84 years old. These people’s heroic deeds ... Read More »

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