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Sunday , October 22 2017
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Christmas in White House

Did you always wondered how they celebrate Christmas in the White House? If you did, here is some pictures that will tell you how they do it. I think that is really interesting. Lots of Christmas trees, beautiful decorations, everything in Christmas spirit. So, Barac Obama will enjoy this year. There are lots of pictures here, so i think that you are going to  like this one. And i think that you are going to enjoy. Also, let me now if you like it. So, take a look and enjoy.

White House1 Christmas in White House

White House2 Christmas in White House

White House3 Christmas in White House

White House4 Christmas in White House

White House5 Christmas in White House

White House6 Christmas in White House

White House7 Christmas in White House

White House8 Christmas in White House

White House9 Christmas in White House

White House10 Christmas in White House

White House11 Christmas in White House

White House12 Christmas in White House

White House13 Christmas in White House

White House14 Christmas in White House


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