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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Conscription in German

Germany  has conscription for male citizens. The Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany  and several special laws  are regulating these duties and the exceptions. Men are obliged to serve nine months either in the military, which they can refuse, and do alternative civilian service, or honorary service (like any volunteer) for at least six years in a civil protection organisation.Families of those who were oppressed by the Nazi regime (usually Jews) are exempt from conscription, though a small number do serve.Although the conscription is of a military nature, nowadays twice as many draftees refuse military service and serve in alternative services. Women are not part of the draft. They may join the military as volunteers or under the legal construction of a “voluntary conscript”.

Conscription in German1 Conscription in German

Conscription in German2 Conscription in German

Conscription in German3 Conscription in German

Conscription in German4 Conscription in German

Conscription in German5 Conscription in German

Conscription in German6 Conscription in German

Conscription in German7 Conscription in German

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Conscription in German9 Conscription in German

Conscription in German10 Conscription in German

Conscription in German11 Conscription in German

Conscription in German12 Conscription in German


  1. I’m living in Germany and I can tell you the conscription is completly useless. The recruits get 3 month of light basic training, and for the rest of the time they get an office job with nothing to do. These guys arn’t soldiers, they are overpayed unemployed persons.
    That’s the real deal: Our healthcare system, especially nursing homes, would collaps if it wasn’t for the huge amount of people choosing civilian service instead of military service.

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