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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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A Friendly Bambi

These pictures make you want to know a deer that is as friendly as this is. In some of the poses, it even seems to be happy posing for pictures. In almost every place, there will always be people and animals different from the rest and this is probably one such animal which probably doesn’t know that human have to be feared.

Bambi1 A Friendly Bambi

In the picture where it is on two legs, it makes you think there isn’t much difference between this deer and your dog back home. It seems to want to share his food and his fishing hobby. It is surprising how friendly it is and how it seems to follow the man even into the water. This is one of the boldest deer I have ever seem. The man had it not just eating off his hands but off his mouth as well.

Bambi2 A Friendly Bambi

Bambi3 A Friendly Bambi

Bambi4 A Friendly Bambi

Bambi5 A Friendly Bambi

Bambi6 A Friendly Bambi

Bambi7 A Friendly Bambi

Bambi8 A Friendly Bambi

Bambi9 A Friendly Bambi

Bambi10 A Friendly Bambi


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