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History Of Titanic

During his first voyage the British steamship company White Star Line, the biggest passenger liner the world at the time of its construction, the second of three ships of the twin type Olympique called Titanic struck an iceberg and within 2 hours, 40 minutes sank. On board the Titanic were 1,316 passengers and 892 crew members, only 2,208 people. Of these, 706 people survived, killing more than 1500. The catastrophe of the Titanic was more than legendary … On the eve of the 98th anniversary of the disaster, we decided to make a post about the history of the Titanic, with photographs of the liner.Constructed of “Titanic” was March 31, 1909 at the shipyards shipbuilding company Harland and Wolff, but, two years later – May 31, 1911, and nearly a year – April 2, 1912 – passed sea trials … Until a fateful trip had less than two weeks …

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Why the Titanic was considered unsinkable … through fifteen watertight bulkheads in the hold. Theoretically. they created 16 watertight compartments. with another set of partitions, dividing – the result of 46 watertight compartments. The idea is that the Titanic was built so that he could stay afloat in the sinking of any two of its 16 watertight compartments, all three of the five sections, or all of the first four sections … But … only on the idea …

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One of the notable moments in the crash of the Titanic was that on board the people lacked boats … It turns out that this is because in formal compliance with the requirements of the force of the British Merchant Shipping Code of the boat had 20 lifeboats, which were sufficient to fit 1178 people, or 50% of people who were at this point on board and 30% of the planned load. This is taken into account in calculating the increase in recreational space on the deck passenger steamer.

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In the first and last journey of the liner was attended by many celebrities of that time, including a millionaire and a major industrialist John Jakub Astor IV and his wife, Madeleine Astor, businessman Benjamin Guggenheim, owner of the store «Macy’s» Isidor Straus and his wife Ida, eccentric worth millions Margaret Molly Brown received after the death of the ship the nickname “Unsinkable,” Sir Cosma Duff Gordon and his wife, popular in the early centuries of fashion designer Lady Lucy Duff Gordon, a businessman and cricketer John Thayer, a British journalist William Thomas Stead, Countess Rotskuyu, military assistant to U.S. President Rchibalda Butto , film actress Dorothy Gibson and many others …

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The path of the Titanic …

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Wednesday, April 10, 1912
12:00 – “Titanic” departs from the quay wall of the port of Southampton and barely avoided a collision with an American liner New York.
19:00 – stop in Cherbourg (France) to take aboard passengers and mail.
21:00 – “Titanic” came out of Cherbourg and went to Queenstown (Ireland).

Thursday, April 11, 1912
12:30 – Stop at Queenstown to take aboard passengers and mail; one team member wishes to defect from the Titanic.
14:00 – “Titanic” departing from Queenstown with 1,316 passengers and 891 crew members on board.

Sunday, April 14, 1912
09:00 – “Caronia” reports on the ice in the vicinity of 42 ° N, 49-51 ° west longitude.
13:42 – “Baltic” announces the presence of ice in the area 41 ° 51 ‘north latitude, 49 ° 52′ west longitude.
13:45 – “America” reports on the ice in the vicinity of 41 ° 27 ‘north latitude, 50 ° 8′ west longitude.
19:00 – air temperature 43 ° Fahrenheit (6 ° C).
19:30 – air temperature 39 ° Fahrenheit (3,9 ° C).
19:30 – “Kalifornien reports on the ice in the vicinity of 42 ° 3 ‘north latitude, 49 ° 9′ west longitude.
21:00 – air temperature 33 ° Fahrenheit (0,6 ° C).
21:30 – The second mate Laytoller warns ship carpenter, and the watch in the engine compartment that is necessary to follow a system of fresh water – water in pipes can freeze, and he tells the lookouts to observe the appearance of ice.
21:40 – “Mesaba reports on ice in the area 42 ° -41 ° 25 ‘north latitude, 49 ° -50 ° 30′ west longitude.
22:00 – air temperature 32 ° Fahrenheit (0 ° C).
22:30 – seawater temperature decreased to 31 ° Fahrenheit (-0,56 ° C).
23:00 – “Kalifornien” warns of the presence of ice, but the radio operator of the Titanic “interrupts radio communications before” Kalifornien “manages to provide the coordinates of the area.
23:40 – At the point with coordinates 41 ° 46 ‘north latitude, 50 ° 14′ west longitude (later found out that these coordinates were calculated wrong) at a distance of about 450 meters straight ahead was seen an iceberg. Despite maneuver through 39 seconds there was touch of the underwater part of the vessel and the vessel’s hull has numerous small holes on the length of about 100 meters. Of the 16 watertight compartments of the vessel 6 were cut (in the sixth flow was extremely low).

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“- In front of us ice! – Fleet shouted, and immediately rang the bell that hung in the” crow’s nest. “Three strikes were the signal, implying that straight ahead is some sort of object. At the same time he was rushed to the telephone connecting” crow’s nest “on the bridge. six assistants JP Moody responded almost instantly.
- The ice directly on the course – shouted Fleet.
- Thank you, – said Moody (his polite reply was then part of the legend). ”

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Monday, April 15, 1912
00:05 – ordered to uncover the lifeboats and to convene members of the crew and passengers to the places of gathering.
00:15 – with “Titanic” passed first telegraph signal for help.
00:45 – the first flare, and launched on the first lifeboat (№ 7).
1:15 – admitted to the deck passengers Class 3.
1:40 – released last flare.
2:05 – lowered last lifeboat (folding boat D).
2:10 – passed last radiotelegraphic signals.
2:17 – turns off electric lighting.
2:18 – “Titanic” sinking quickly broken up into three parts (this became known in 1996 after the expedition Narzhole) [source not specified 30 days].
2:20 – “Titanic” sank.
3:30 – from the lifeboats notice flares fired at Karpaty.
4:10 – “Carpathia” picked up the first boat from the Titanic (the boat number 2).
08:30 – “Carpathia” picked up the latest (№ 12) boat with “Titanic”.
8:50 – “Carpathians”, taking on board the 704 people who escaped from the Titanic, headed for New York.

The first news of the death of “Titanic.” Incidentally, in the early days of the newspaper report inaccurate information about the number of victims, based on conflicting rumors

Victims and survivors of the disaster

Saved nearly all the women and children from the cabin grades 1 and 2. More than half of women and children from the cabin class 3 were killed because they were difficult to find a way up through the maze of narrow corridors. Were also killed, almost all men. Paulson family tragedy claimed the lives of the mother Alma, and all her four young children, which in New York waited in vain for his father Niels.

Survived 323 men (20% of all adult males) and 331 women (75% of all adult women), including Violet Jessop, Dorothy Gibson, Molly Brown, Lucy Duff Gordon, and others.

In May 2006, at the age of 99 years died last American-eyewitness, survivor in the crash of the Titanic. It was informed by the Boston funeral home. She died yesterday in his home. Swedish-born Lillian Gertrud Asplund (born Lillian Gertrud Asplund), which at the time of the disaster was five years old, lost in her father and three brothers. Survived her mother and brother, who was then three years. They were third-class passengers and escaped in boat number 15. Asplund was the last one who remembered how the tragedy occurred, but she shunned publicity and rarely spoke about this event.

The last of the passengers of the Titanic, Millvina Dean, which at the time of death of the liner was two and a half months, died on May 31, 2009. Her ashes were scattered in the wind October 24, 2009 in the port of Southampton where the Titanic began its only flight.


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