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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Lego Sushi

Very cute and creative. It makes you want to eat. To prepare you need to Lego and spices to taste. It is a pity that it is not edible! Lego Sushi set that looks almost like the real thing, except for the inedible part. Taken from Big Daddy Nelson Flickr page, these has got to be the most intricate lego sculptures of sushi ever made. Every detail is made to look like its real life counterpart, the ikura sushi (fish eggs seaweed roll) shows its brimming fish eggs, wasabi with uncanny matching color and the ebi sushi (shrimp sushi) that looks ready to be eaten.

Lego Sushi10 Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi9 Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi8 Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi7 Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi6 Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi5 Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi4 Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi3 Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi2 Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi1 Lego Sushi

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