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Sunday , October 22 2017
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The perfect system for playing roulette

When you think of a casino game, one that always springs to mind is roulette. Although there are plenty of other casino classics, for some reason, roulette seems to be the game that most people associate with casinos.

Of course, not so long ago, you’d have to physically go to a casino to play roulette, but now you can play roulette anytime, anywhere, thanks to the existence of so many online casinos.

roulette 1024x768 The perfect system for playing roulette

I’ve always been a bit nervous about spending money on gaming online so I’d resisted trying out casino games, but then I discovered you can play for free on most sites in demo mode or practice play. This is where you play the games as if you were betting real money, but the coin supply is play money. It’s a great way to try out new games, as you can get to know how they work and it doesn’t matter if your bets go awry. The first time I played, I won at online roulette! Even though I wasn’t playing for real money, it was still exciting, watching the ball travel round the wheel and slowing to a bumpy halt, before it landed on black – the colour I’d chosen!

Essentially, roulette is a simple game to play. You can keep your bets as straightforward as you like, but you can also make a complex series of bets so that you protect yourself from big losses while still being in with a chance to win a significant amount.

There are all kinds of so-called ‘roulette systems’ which some players swear by as the way to make roulette win big. These include the Martingale system – a high-risk strategy where you double your bets every time you lose. The theory is that eventually you will have a win and that you’ll win back all your losses as well as the profit you would have got from your original bet. However, this system is most likely to lead you to financial ruin.

The Labouchere system is like the Martingale but a little more complicated. In the Labouchere system you decide how much to bet following a win or loss using a number series, which can become very convoluted. The basic design of the system is that after you have a won over a third of your bets you will be in profit. The problem is that roulette wheels produce random results on every spin, and one spin does not affect the next, so you can’t use a mathematical system to beat the roulette wheel.

The truth is that there is no perfect system to play roulette. If you can accept that having some losses is inevitable, you’re off to a good start. You should also make sure that you only ever bet amounts of real money that you can afford to lose. I stayed with practice play until I’d tried out a lot of different bets, but I know that all the practice in the world won’t improve my chances of winning. When I play with real money, I keep my bets conservative and make sure that if I do have a win, I bank some of the profit. That’s the perfect system for playing roulette for me – it keeps it fun and not something that I have to lose sleep over at night!

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