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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Plates With Faces

In addition to a series of plates on the Polish transport designer Boguslaw Sliwinski has created a new series of plates that make going to the hair for individuals who are depicted on them. A series called FaceOn, on each ceramic plate painted one of the six profiles. They are produced in two sizes and can be ordered through the website designer. Are you able to encourage children to eat in a funny way, especially something unpopular as carrots or peas? Certainly, yes. I myself am a parent and I had to invent something. Finally, the design is the art of creativity. Every parent knows what a nightmare of feeding. Telling a child: do not play with your food, just eat. That is why I created these plates In spite of the principles used by mothers around the world, that food should not be play with.

Boguslaw Sliwinski11 Plates With Faces

Boguslaw Sliwinski21 Plates With Faces

Boguslaw Sliwinski3 Plates With Faces

Boguslaw Sliwinski4 Plates With Faces

Boguslaw Sliwinski5 Plates With Faces

Boguslaw Sliwinski6 Plates With Faces

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