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Sunday , October 22 2017
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Private Space Hotel

Private space project that is going to implement the Russian company Orbital Technologies, will allow the seven wealthy clients spend in space for some time. Space tourism is tourism in which participants pay for flights into space. As of 2010, orbital space tourism opportunities are limited and expensive, with only the Russian Space Agency providing transport. The price for a flight brokered by Space Adventures to the International Space Station aboard a Soyuz spacecraft is US$  20–35 million. The space tourists usually sign contracts with third parties to conduct certain research while in orbit. This helps to minimize their own expenses.

Space Hotel1 Private Space Hotel

Space Hotel2 Private Space Hotel

Space Hotel3 Private Space Hotel

Space Hotel4 Private Space Hotel

Space Hotel5 Private Space Hotel

Space Hotel6 Private Space Hotel

Space Hotel7 Private Space Hotel

Space Hotel8 Private Space Hotel

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