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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Safety First: Protecting Our Children from Accidents

The number of children dying in America is rising and safety of children, as always, have been a major concern for parents and caregivers. According to children’s safety organization Safe Kids Worldwide, One Child Dies Every Three Weeks from a TV Tipping Over, and there was 12,801 injuries over a span of ten years. Prevention is a focus of Safe Kids Worldwide as well as TV and furniture mounts and accessories maker SANUS. There are several tips to take into consideration when purchasing and placing television sets in the home. Most of them can be found on safekids.org, but others can be said here for some parents to learn about.

safe kids Safety First: Protecting Our Children from Accidents

One way to prevent these accidents from occurring is to mount a television on the wall. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer’s manual provided for proper placement. If you have a large television, do not place it high up. Make sure its as low towards the ground as possible. Another tip is to make sure things such as toys or remote controls aren’t placed too high for children to reach. So, keep them at their level so that they don’t knock anything down or fall. These tips can save a life, so try to educate yourself and others.

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