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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Shuttle ‘Discovery’

Space shuttle Discovery delivered to the launch pad in the U.S.. It will be the last space shuttle that runs the program “Space Shuttle. In the upcoming flight of Discovery “STS-133 will be made the 39 th shuttle mission to the ISS and the 133rd space shuttle mission in the history of the project, which began in 1981. At the launch site were invited to NASA employees and their families.  “This is an opportunity for families of employees of the Agency to look at something that had been given many years of manned flight the U.S.” – said Boytel Allard, a spokesman for NASA. On STS-133 will deliver supplies to the International Space Station in a modified transport module Leonardo and experimental transport platform.  On Discovery into space will go and Robonavt 2 – a robot that has been jointly developed by General Motors and NASA. The purpose of running a robot – to check its operation in zero gravity, the impact on his work space and electromagnetic radiation. For Discovery’s flight, this will be the last on the program “Space Shuttle”. Following its closure the delivery of astronauts on the ISS will carry only the Russian Soyuz. In February 2011 will have to fly the shuttle Endeavour, which will become the latest official shuttle, departing the station. The ship should start on the International Space Station on Nov. 1. Commander of STS-133 crew appointed Steven Lindsey, pilot – Eric Boe, mission specialists: Alvin Drew, Michael Barratt, Timothy Kopra and Nicole Stott. Mission Discovery “STS-133 should last 11 days.

Shuttle Discovery11 Shuttle Discovery

Shuttle Discovery2 Shuttle Discovery

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Shuttle Discovery5 Shuttle Discovery

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Shuttle Discovery7 Shuttle Discovery

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