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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Standing Football Grounds

There appears to be growing support for the campaign to introduce safe standing at England’s top football grounds.  This follows the recommendation by The Taylor Report in 1989, that all top division stadiums in England and Scotland phase out their concrete terraces and become all-seater.

Standing Football Grounds Standing Football Grounds

The Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) has been campaigning vigorously for modern, safe standing areas similar to those appreciated by spectators in Germany’s Bundesliga stadiums.  The FSF have now been backed by an increasing number of English clubs, such as Aston Villa, West Ham, and Sunderland, whose fans generally opt to stand during games irrespective of the high ticket prices.

Now, this issue is being taken to Westminster next month, based on the simple fact that, 20 years since the ban, so many fans still stand at matches.  Aston Villa have identified a corner of their Trinity stand, as an area to trial the rail seats that are employed in the vast, popular standing areas of the Bundesliga clubs.  However, there are a number of available alternatives to rail seating, such as galvanised mesh fencing panels.  Companies such as Siddall & Hilton have designed a range of new products that could be used in sporting applications.

Siddal & Hilton’s Safetop fencing panels use manufactured pre-galvanised flat panels from their modern EVG mesh production lines; the appropriate wires for the post rebates are then removed by an automated cutting and folding machine.  The edges of the flat panel are then twice-folded over to create the triangular Safetop profile.  The galvanised mesh panels are then subjected to pre-treatment and polyester powder coating in a wide variety of bright and appealing colours, which could be co-ordinated to the home colours of any sporting team.

The galvanised mesh panels have also been well-received in a variety of public areas, such as playgrounds, nurseries, and highways.  However, the unique benefit of using the Safetop galvanised mesh panel at football games is that spectators can comfortably lean on the top of the panel whilst watching the game; this makes it a strong, safe and reliable option, no matter which side of the fence you are on.

Sales of the Safetop galvanised mesh panels have already experienced steady growth since they were unveiled in January.  This is primarily due to Siddal & Hilton’s ability to work closely with customers, and adapt their own unique competences, which has allowed them to develop several specific designs of folded galvanised mesh panels to the customer’s requirements.

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