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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Stay Connected with an Adobe Certification Expert Account

Once you have registered, taken, and passed an Adobe exam, you will gain access to personal Adobe Certification Expert account. This account is your access to staying connected to Adobe and remaining knowledgeable of product updates, job opportunities, and other information that can be useful to your career. You can meet and keep in touch with other individuals in your area of expertise and create a network of friends and colleagues from all over the world.

 1 Stay Connected with an Adobe Certification Expert Account

Your Adobe certification account can essentially serve as your network and business portfolio. Adobe allows you to create an extensive profile and update it when necessary. It is also the go-to place for checking your certification status and knowing when you have received it (upon completing an exam) and when it is time to recertify. Once a product upgrade has been released, 90 days are given before you must recertify in that product. Your account will notify you of this, and how much time you have left before you must earn a recertification. Adobe, unlike many other companies, retires its exams after this 90 day period, ensuring that all of their employers and certificate holders are up to par with the latest set of skills and standards.

One of the final perks of an Adobe certification account is complete access to the certification marketplace, which includes exclusive practice exams, test vouchers, and other great items that are only available once a certification is earned. An Adobe account is a great aid to any IT professional because it serves as a central point from which many other great offers and benefits can be found. As an Adobe certified professional, you will be delighted to know just how valuable you’ll become. Take an Adobe exam, become certified, and stay connected.

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