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Sunday , October 22 2017
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Sweeten up for Seasonal Coffees at Dunkin’ Donuts

Sweet teeth will be pleased by the Dunkin’ Donuts seasonal coffees this winter. Dunkin Donuts Seasonal Coffees Holiday Gift Giving is here with three choices of flavorous brews: Mocha Mint, Pumpkin Spice, and Gingerbread Cookie. These coffees can be served with any of the treats Dunkin’ Donuts you purchase or any baked goods made for the holiday season. The elaborate, cartoon packaging that the coffee comes in makes it look very eye-catching and even  blogger Cindy Hopper, the founder of SkiptoMyLou.org, believes there are many gifting ideas that can come from these seasonal coffees.

Dunkin Donuts Seasonal Coffees 4 Sweeten up for Seasonal Coffees at Dunkin’ Donuts

““I love wrapping holiday gifts – from little treasures like Dunkin’ Donuts seasonal packaged coffee to bigger presents like kids’ toys and electronics – in unexpected and creative ways,” says Hopper. “You simply need some motivation and imagination, to create packaging that will delight any gift recipient!” Hopper suggests linking the gift together with the present. For example, putting the Gingerbread Cookie coffee in a coffee jar or the Mocha Mint with a mint chocolate bar. Another suggestion she gave was to wrap a gift up in scraps of paper instead of traditional wrapping paper; it makes the gift more memorable. For more gift wrapping ideas, visit SkiptoMyLou.org and to check out the new Dunkin’ Donuts coffees, go to dunkindonuts.com.

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