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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Jellyfish Photos You Won’t Believe It’s Real


Photographer from South Florida Aaron Ansarov looked at the jellyfish fresh eyes. Portuguese man o ‘war – species of jellyfish that sting their prey or people if they are approached too closely. Ansar is not afraid to take an amazing photos of these amazing creatures. These crazy photos are not something you see everyday, so, at the first sight, people ... Read More »

Crazy Arts In The Petri Dish


An creative and amazing artist Klari Reis, from San Francisco, starts his each and every day by creating an abstract painting in a Petri dish. This cup is commonly used by biologists for the cultivation and growth of colonies of different organisms. This kind of arts is very unusual, but it’s also very cleaver and interesting, because, this is not ... Read More »

Astonishing Space Photos By Astronaut André Kuipers


Space is a world wide mystery, and not so many people get a chance to into the amazing space, and have the experience to see these magnificent views, planets, and so many amazing and stunning stuff. These space photos are taken by an astronaut André Kuipers, and they are just stunning. Having to see the photos that are taken by ... Read More »

Funny Art Guide


Not everyone can understand arts, in fact, there is such a small number of people who really can understand it, and truly love it. And these people how can, are really happy, so they can live in a beautiful world of his own, and in the world of the magnificent art. Graphic designer and illustrator from France, Outmane Amahou created ... Read More »

Beetles Made From Junk


British artist Mark Oliver from old books, toys and electrical parts creates bizarre beetles, spiders and insects. He is an amazing photographer, and he really knows how to put together an simple and amazing master peace. Here is some photos of the awesome making of beetles arts. Take a look, and enjoy! Read More »

Costumes Of The Legendary Musicians


Singapore illustrator who works under the pseudonym of Madness, has created a series of illustrations Iconic Musician Outfits, a concert dedicated to the most recognizable costumes and clothing of legendary musicians. You can see everything here, and this artist really did a great job! So, if you like this king of arts photos, take a look and enjoy! Read More »

Magnificent Abandoned World


Matthias Haker is an really talented photographer, who really likes to take a photos of abandoned places. This place, is still really beautiful, even in this condition. Matthias is a photographer who also like a wedding, nature, arts and many, many more photos. People always loved this kind of abandoned places, simply because it contains some kind of mystery, and ... Read More »

Pure Entertainment by Glennz


This artist creates unique, colorful, and off the wall illustrations that are truly one of a kind. Glennz can really make some of the most amazing and the most unique illustrations, that can blow your mind. So, if you are a fan of the amazing illustrations, take a look, and enjoy. Read More »

Fingerprints on the iPad


You know how working, playing or watching videos leaves fingerprints on your iPad? Of course you do. Well, Jonas Carlsson made an art from this. If you ever been mad at these fingerprints, take a look, this amazing artist loved them. In Safari, I tended to hold the iPad with my left hand and scroll with my right index finger ... Read More »

Creative Book Stands


Creators of the Knob Creek Metal Arts believe that bookends do not have to be boring. These coasters book are very diverse – from the centaurs and the zombies to dinosaurs and robots. We make wine holders, key racks, yard & garden signs and many other items.  All are hand made from high grade steel, then multi-coat painted for a superior ... Read More »

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