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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Hilarious Disney Selfies


Selfies are more and more popular, and there is no doubt at that, but to come so far and reach the Disney world, well, that is just hilarious! Seems like that Disney characters are also enjoying in taking selfies themselves.  So, in that spirit, today, we are presenting you with some pretty hilarious photos – Disney selfies! So, if you ... Read More »

Beetles Made From Junk


British artist Mark Oliver from old books, toys and electrical parts creates bizarre beetles, spiders and insects. He is an amazing photographer, and he really knows how to put together an simple and amazing master peace. Here is some photos of the awesome making of beetles arts. Take a look, and enjoy! Read More »

Paris vs. New York Posters


Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities – is a friendly visual match between the two cities, looking through the lens of Parisian lover in New York. French graphic studio ViiiZ (which is the creative core of Vahram Muratyan) used all the possible cliches and contrast: Quasimodo vs. King Kong, the Eiffel Tower against the Empire State Building, ... Read More »

Copywriter VS Art Director


A new series of “smart illustrations’ like a series of” Paris vs. New York. “It’s called the “Copywriter against an art director,” and consists of a series of oppositions habits characteristic of these two professions. You can easily choose your favorite one, by looking at these funny photos. So, take a look, and enjoy in these professions. Read More »

Bad Break Up Lines


Everybody in this world knows some kind of a fairytale, that our own moms, dads and grandma and grandpa read to us. In these types of magical stories, there was always the princess or queen, and the knight in shining armor who took her heart and they fall in love madly. So, each and every single men and woman, grew ... Read More »

Fingerprints on the iPad


You know how working, playing or watching videos leaves fingerprints on your iPad? Of course you do. Well, Jonas Carlsson made an art from this. If you ever been mad at these fingerprints, take a look, this amazing artist loved them. In Safari, I tended to hold the iPad with my left hand and scroll with my right index finger ... Read More »

Creative Book Stands


Creators of the Knob Creek Metal Arts believe that bookends do not have to be boring. These coasters book are very diverse – from the centaurs and the zombies to dinosaurs and robots. We make wine holders, key racks, yard & garden signs and many other items.  All are hand made from high grade steel, then multi-coat painted for a superior ... Read More »

Hipster Rebranding


Swiss artist Dave Spengler in his blog hipsterbranding.tumblr.com presented should look like all well-known logos in the light of modern trends towards minimalism strange and colorless. Read More »

Tasty Ideas For Valentine’s Day


So, it’s Valentine’s day, and you don’t feel like going to over crowded restaurants, you are too cold for movies, and you just wanna spend this evening of  love on the couch with your loved one. This is also a great idea! Many people doesn’t like to go out, so the perfect solution for you, and them is to stay ... Read More »

The Future Fossils


Family design duo Bughouse Jeff Klarin and Rebecca Johnson invented and created a series of  Future Fossil , consisting of cement and made ​​of painted copies of classic cameras, cameras and gadgets the 70, 80 ‘s. Items for sale: price varies from $ 65 to $ 495. These are some really great, but also funny and bizarre items, but i ... Read More »

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