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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Top 15 Weirdest History Photography


There are a lot of really weird and bizarre history photography, but some of them are really and truly bizarre and weird, that they deserve really special place in our archive. People in the history tend to do a lot of weird and bizarre stuff, that today, are just impossible to imagine, and we are really lucky they had the ... Read More »

The Most Amazing Optical illusions


It’s really really hard to believe that all the images that are in front of us – are still just images, not animations. Kitaoka Akiyoshi is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan. Specializes in visual perception. Creates a picture-illusion based on the modern concept of Gestalt psychology. This mind-tricks are just so amazing, and ... Read More »

Crazy Arts In The Petri Dish


An creative and amazing artist Klari Reis, from San Francisco, starts his each and every day by creating an abstract painting in a Petri dish. This cup is commonly used by biologists for the cultivation and growth of colonies of different organisms. This kind of arts is very unusual, but it’s also very cleaver and interesting, because, this is not ... Read More »

Funny Illustration By Dale Keys


The artist Dale Keyes (Dale Keys) has a great collection of funny pictures that makes you smile. Illustrator and graphic designer uses bright colors and high spirits to make each picture. In his works – cute cartoon animals, humans and monsters. These amazing photos really is really showing the true spirit of this amazing artist! He is funny, ad cleaver ... Read More »

Magnificent Orion Nebula


Since the great scientist Galileo, people loved to look through telescope, and to explore the world unknown to us – the space. We are so amazed to the greatness and the beauty of that magnificent world of planets, amazing nebula photos, galaxies, and the amazing shiny stars, and so many more stuff you can see with that simple gadget telescope. ... Read More »

Daily Affairs Of The Aging Superhero


Another photo shoot about a superhero in real life. Series Paul Armstrong called “Everyday things an aging superhero.” He shot the series from 2008 to 2010, it starts with Captain America. We always thought that superheroes have a great life – lots of action, always something to do, all the girl they saved from bad, and just amazing homes, that ... Read More »

Awesome Knitted Food

Awesome Knitted Food15

Knitted food has always been interesting to many people how like arts photos, and kitting. Today, we are presenting you an amazing artist Ed Bing Lee, who is making an awesome knitted food photos. e makes an great burgers, hot dogs, cakes and desserts exclusively of wool yarn. He crochet and knitting – which results in such good things here. ... Read More »

Awesome Slow Motion Photography


Everybody loves a good slow motion photography, People really want to see what is happening, in the moments our eyes cannot see it. And, a lot of people takes a slow motion photography. One of the is  Fabian Oefner – photographer, artist and inventor, working at the interface of art and science. Fabian Oefner born in Switzerland in 1984.  He ... Read More »

Playing With Matches


Photographer and artist Stanislav Aristov, alias Pol Tergejst, created a series of conceptual photography, where from burned matches and the fire are born different images. If no body told you not to play with matches, now is the time. This amazing artist played with matches and created some amazing matches art. These are some really amazing fire art photos, and ... Read More »

Unusual Cereal Landscapes


Looking at these pictures, you might think that this is a new series of photos from National Geographic. However, this simple landscape of cereal from the artist Ernie Button from Arizona. All he needed for work is a few packages of cereal, a camera, and a few props to create the appropriate atmosphere. Everything else – dexterity, imagination, and a ... Read More »

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