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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Jellyfish Photos You Won’t Believe It’s Real


Photographer from South Florida Aaron Ansarov looked at the jellyfish fresh eyes. Portuguese man o ‘war – species of jellyfish that sting their prey or people if they are approached too closely. Ansar is not afraid to take an amazing photos of these amazing creatures. These crazy photos are not something you see everyday, so, at the first sight, people ... Read More »

Awesome Knitted Food

Awesome Knitted Food15

Knitted food has always been interesting to many people how like arts photos, and kitting. Today, we are presenting you an amazing artist Ed Bing Lee, who is making an awesome knitted food photos. e makes an great burgers, hot dogs, cakes and desserts exclusively of wool yarn. He crochet and knitting – which results in such good things here. ... Read More »

Smoke and Fire By Rob Prideaux


Photographer in San Francisco, Rob Prideaux created a series of images titled Smoke & Fire. Rob admitted that the photos retouched with fire is minimal, and photos of the smoke were serious retouching. You can see from these awesome photos, that he is an amazing photographer, and he has an eye for a good photos, and amazing arts. So, feel ... Read More »

Bad Break Up Lines


Everybody in this world knows some kind of a fairytale, that our own moms, dads and grandma and grandpa read to us. In these types of magical stories, there was always the princess or queen, and the knight in shining armor who took her heart and they fall in love madly. So, each and every single men and woman, grew ... Read More »

The Future Fossils


Family design duo Bughouse Jeff Klarin and Rebecca Johnson invented and created a series of  Future Fossil , consisting of cement and made ​​of painted copies of classic cameras, cameras and gadgets the 70, 80 ‘s. Items for sale: price varies from $ 65 to $ 495. These are some really great, but also funny and bizarre items, but i ... Read More »

Interesting New Year Ideas


The festive mood and surroundings can be quickly and easily create their own hands. Create a holiday atmosphere completely in our hands. With a bit of imagination and creativity can be turned into Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees and wreaths, even a roll of toilet paper. And if you have on hand will be more and scissors, and paint, there is ... Read More »

The Best Food Photography


The main task of any food-photographer is to make sure that anyone who sees the photos, immediately want to eat it. I think these photos are speak for them selves. These food photos are so amazing, that you can tell it’s a real food in front of you, and not just a photos. I think you are going to like ... Read More »

Faces From All Around The World


While traveling, we are able to see the Face of the World, different peoples, cultures and traditions, to understand how they live, how they are happy and sad, as they like, trust and experience. Travel – it’s an opportunity to learn a better world. After all, is full of amazing places. While traveling, we are able to see the places, ... Read More »

Yong Ho Ji Sculptures Made Of Tires


Yong Ho Ji was born in 1978. In 2005 he graduated from Seoul University majoring in sculpture and in 2008 – New York University Fine Arts. Creates animal sculptures out of tires. To create a sculpture can take up to three months. You must admit, these are some really great sculptures. Take a look, and enjoy! Read More »

Veronika Verenin – World Of Flowers


These amazing photos are made by Veronika Verenin. She is one really talented artist. A flower, sometimes known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants . The biological function of a flower is to effect reproduction, usually by providing a mechanism for the union of sper with eggs. Flowers may facilitate outcrossing  or allow ... Read More »

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