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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Some Really Weird History Photos


Back into the history, people were little bit weird. They are taking pictures funny dressed, with some really strange people, and I wanna say thanks to all people who saved these pictures, and allow us to see them today. I think that most of people will agree with me about these pictures, and for those who are not agree with ... Read More »

Baby People

Hmmm….. Something is wrong with these pictures…. What can be? O yeah, baby people are wrong!! Haha!! Did you thing about that kind of world? While i was posting this one, i really thought about this. It would be really weird. But, for some parents, who knows, but babies maybe would be better parents. Just kidding. Like this, babies looks ... Read More »

Who Doesn’t Love Gold….

Gold has always been, is and will be coveted and high material value – in the past year it has increased in price by 135%. The last jump in gold prices coincided with an annual decline of its production around the world – by 8% from 2001. In the history of man only 161 000 tonnes of gold were mined ... Read More »

Graphics by Oldrich Kulhanek


Oldřich Kulhánek was born on the 26th of February 1940, in Prague. From 1958 to 1964. He studied at the Prague Academy of Applied Arts, in the studio of Professor Karel Svolinský. The years of his apprenticeship there, provided the foundation and inspiration of his artistic career. In 1971 he was arrested by the StB (the Czechoslovak Secret Police) and ... Read More »

My First Kiss….


Do you remember your first kiss? I do. These kids are so sweet, and i have to make a collection with these pictures! Too bad that we all don’t have picture of ours first kids, so, these guys really have a great memory of theirs first kisses. So, if you have your picture of your first kiss, send me over, ... Read More »

10 Elvis Cakes


Elvis Aaron was an American musician and actor. A cultural icon, he is widely known by the single name Elvis. He is often referred to as the “King of Rock and Roll” or simply “the King”.Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley at the age of 13 moved with his family to Memphis, Tennessee. He began his career there in 1954 after ... Read More »

Then and Now…

I really like projects like this, it allow you to see how different people are, during years, but in this case, same. Seems like these people didn’t change at all, after all those years.  So, i hope that you are going to like this one. Take a look, and enjoy Read More »

I am So Sleepy…

Aww, cutest babies ever! Just adorable. I love them so much. Just because of that, we made a selection of photos with sleepy babies. So, i hope that you are going to like this one, as much as we are, and that you are going to enjoy. So, take a look, and also, let me know if you like it. ... Read More »

People and Animals Under the X-ray

Did you ever wonder how we look under the X-ray? Well, if the answer is positive, you can see here. So, i hope that you are going to like it as much i do, and that you are going to enjo. Check it out, and also, let me know if you like it. Read More »

Mario Finally Gets His Princess

Yay! Mario is finally with his princess! I am sure that he is really happy. After all that stress, he finally found her, and she wasn’t in the castle, she was at the top of the cake! Poor guy, he is looking for her so many years… So, i am hope that you are going to like this one as ... Read More »

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