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Saturday , October 21 2017
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The Top 10 Space Photos That Proves Space Is Awesome


Space has always been an amazing peace of mystery for everyone who loves space and space photos. There is the certain secrets that the space won’t tell, and it’s really interesting if you go for a quest and try to find out something more.  Today, we are presenting you an amazing space photos, that will prove that the space is ... Read More »

Everyday Life Of A Planets


These creative illustration of a photographer and graphic designer David Jordan Williams show episodes of “daily life” of the planets in the solar system. The project is called “Resting our solar system.” These amazing space photos are showing us how it would be if the planets are included in our everyday life. It would be just an magnificent experience, and ... Read More »

Top 10 Deep Space Photos By Patrick Hohlyaytnera


Austrian photographer Patrick Hochleitner is a true master. He is a master in taking a deep space photography, and he is great at it. He is taking space photos near Moravia (20 km from Vienna). Due to the strong light pollution, is really hard to take a perfect picture of the space, but Patrick did it, and this is the ... Read More »

Space Photos In The Fantasy Future


Today, we have seen something that amazing that cannot be described with words. Science fiction artists and their vision of the future spacecraft really have gone really far this time, in creating a future space. These space photos represent a clear mission of the space from their mind. Some people agree that this is how it’s gonna look like in ... Read More »

Travel to the Constellation Ursa Minor


Small constellation Ursa Minor contains only 25 stars visible to the naked eye. It is not particularly bright nebulae or galaxies, and it contains no star clusters. But the constellation is good because it can be observed at any time of year. Constellations Big and Little Dipper. These constellations are known to all by the characteristic stellar figures representing them. ... Read More »

Magnificent Orion Nebula


Since the great scientist Galileo, people loved to look through telescope, and to explore the world unknown to us – the space. We are so amazed to the greatness and the beauty of that magnificent world of planets, amazing nebula photos, galaxies, and the amazing shiny stars, and so many more stuff you can see with that simple gadget telescope. ... Read More »

Astonishing Space Photos By Astronaut André Kuipers


Space is a world wide mystery, and not so many people get a chance to into the amazing space, and have the experience to see these magnificent views, planets, and so many amazing and stunning stuff. These space photos are taken by an astronaut André Kuipers, and they are just stunning. Having to see the photos that are taken by ... Read More »

Unreal Galaxy


A galaxy is a massive, gravitationally bound system that consists of stars and stellar remnants, an interstellar medium of gas and dust, and an important but poorly understood component tentatively dubbed dark matter. The word galaxy is derived from the Greek galaxias , literally “milky”, a reference to the Milky Way galaxy. Examples of galaxies range from dwarfs with as ... Read More »

Astrophotography By Jay Gabani


I can suggest you to see the Wizard of astrophotography by Jay Gabani. This is a photographer from California. His photographs can be seen on the website Astronomy Pictures of The Day, in the magazines Nature, Science, Wired and Discover. Observatory from which you are shooting is called “Blackbird” and is located at an altitude of 1.5 km above sea ... Read More »

In The Open Space


These stunning photos make the astronauts to the International Space Station. Space is the boundless, three-dimensional extent in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction.Physical space is often conceived in three linear dimensions, although modern physicists usually consider it, with time, to be part of a boundless four-dimensional continuum known as spacetime. In mathematics one examines ... Read More »

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