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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Tanks From World War 2

Tanks of World War II. I think everybody will be interesting to watch in anticipation of the holiday.

World War1 Tanks From World War 2

Tank BT-7, 35 th year. Child of the doctrine of Stalin’s war on enemy territory. It possessed great speed (later modified with the diesel V-2 to 86 km / h on wheels) could removed from the tracks to race on wheels in the rear of the enemy on the European u-se.
It was nicknamed “Flying Tank”, because for propaganda purposes, for the newsreels made long jumps over ditches and streams. Successfully fought for Khalkhin-stormed the Mannerheim Line in Finland, a 45-m finished the Japanese. Good, beautiful machine, a forerunner of Thirty.

World War2 Tanks From World War 2

T-34 is recognized by all as the best tank 2-nd World War, but the stress on the set of all qualities, including mass production, ie they are greatly outnumbered by the German T-III, but later in the battles with the Tigers and even with self-propelled guns were carrying a very heavy losses. Another referred to as “peasant tank”, because Even illiterate peasants (what basically amounted to the Red Army) were able to master the management and maintenance of the machine.
That T34-76, the former at the beginning of the war Deafblind-mute stalwart. Overview of the tank on reviews of the veterans was very inadequate, walkie our tanks are not equipped (commanders were put out from the hatch and waved flags). Powder gases at a shot fell into the tank. The Germans were amazed extremely austere cockpit of our swallows.

World War3 Tanks From World War 2

World War4 Tanks From World War 2

Light tank T-60. He made more of their opportunities in the battle for Moscow.

World War5 Tanks From World War 2

SU-85 self-propelled unit on the chassis of the T-34. Tank destroyer. Cheaper construction, rather than a tank.
Tankers jokingly called self-propelled guns, tanks, broken “, but the contribution to the victory of ACS made a huge difference.

World War6 Tanks From World War 2

Panzerkampfwagen III – is it mainly seen in the sight of our gunners in the first half of the war. A gasoline-powered, light up when hit well! Ugh, disgusting!

World War7 Tanks From World War 2

World War8 Tanks From World War 2

World War9 Tanks From World War 2

Artshturm StuG III – extremely dangerous bastard! The best German tank commander Michael Wittmann SS Hauptsturmfiihrer knocked on such a machine a few dozen of our tanks. And all this scum (we must pay tribute to his fighting skills) destroyed 138 Soviet, American and British tanks, 132 Soviet and American self-propelled artillery units.

World War11 Tanks From World War 2

World War12 Tanks From World War 2

World War13 Tanks From World War 2


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  2. …. cool tanks of WWII, I like tanks too…. nice post !!

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