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Sunday , October 22 2017
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Top 10 Incredible Dope

How can you pump up the body? These products are very dangerous, so, this is made just for warning people. Please, have that in mind. Some people really have a lots of free time in their hand, so they can realize this stuff. So, take a look.

1. Strychnine

Poison1 Top 10 Incredible Dope

Better known as a d*adly poison, strychnine, was considered the ticket to success for an American runner Thomas Hicks, who participated in the Olympic marathon in 1904. Thomas mixed this stuff with brandy and egg white. At the finish he needed an ambulance, and he almost di*d, but a gold medal yet won.

2. Donkey hooves

Poison21 Top 10 Incredible Dope

Ancient Egyptian athletes took the hooves of Abyssinian asses in powder form, they cooked in butter and seasoned rose, to hide the distinctive odor.

3. Sweet air

Poison3 Top 10 Incredible Dope

Sugar cube on the air helped the cyclist to overcome the 144-hour endurance race in the 1870’s. When this was not enough, the coaches have added nitroglycerin cocaine with a pinch of mint for flavor.

4. Bicarb

Poison4 Top 10 Incredible Dope

Some modern swimmers hold “soda-doping”, which helps them save precious seconds during the competition. By increasing the pH, bicarbonate of soda can reduce the level of acid produced by the muscles of athletes that allows them to stay in shape. While the soda-doping also causes diarrhea.

5. Ultraviolet radiation

Poison5 Top 10 Incredible Dope

In 1930, Soviet scientists found that when subjected to ultraviolet light runners, it will increase their speed in the 100-meter race. In 1940’s by German researchers also found similar improvements in cycling.

6. Guinea pig

Poison6 Top 10 Incredible Dope

In the late 1800’s physiologist Charles Brown-Sekard injected himself serum from a mixture of semen dog and guinea pig, saying that it makes him stronger and even “extend the arc of his urine, and although he certainly exaggerated the benefit of its own discoveries, it definitely became the forerunner of doping substances, based on hormones.

7. Tinctures for pigeons

Poison7 Top 10 Incredible Dope

Pigeon race was marred by doping scandals: While some owners prefer pigeons anabolic steroids and other drugs used against molting. Birds were also given a laxative, so they emptied prior to the competition and, thus, lost weight.

8. Hallucinogenic mushrooms

Poison8 Top 10 Incredible Dope

Hallucinogenic mushrooms used not only berserkers: Olympians in the third century also relied on them to quickly get to the finish line faster.

9. Arsenic

Poison9 Top 10 Incredible Dope

In the provinces of Styria and the Austrian Tyrol loggers waving axes under the action of megadoses of arsenic, which is also taken to improve digestion.

10. Human heart

Poison10 Top 10 Incredible Dope

The ancient Aztecs believed that the eating of human hearts helps both in war and in sport.

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