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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

Strictly speaking the post is not about 10 best cosmonauts but about cosmonauts involved in the first 10 successful Soviet space flights. Starting from the seventh the flights were not more individual so you’ll find here more than 10 persons. Let’s start.

Soviet cosmonauts1 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

1. Yuri Gagarin

First flight of a man into the space at the height of 327 kilometers lasting in total 108 minutes that have changed his life and life of our planet.

Soviet cosmonauts112 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

2. Gherman Titov was Gagarin’s substitute for any unforeseen circumstances and afterwards was chosen to be the second Soviet man in space in 1961. He still holds a record – he was a youngest man ever been in space. At the moment of the flight he was 25.

Soviet cosmonauts21 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

3. Andriyan Nikolayev participated in the first joint flight of two space ships Vostok-3 and Vostok-4. For that time his flight was the longest – 94 hours and 25 minutes.

Soviet cosmonauts31 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

4. Pavel Popovich was the second cosmonaut of the mention first joint flight. He was the pilot of Vostok-4 and approached the partner space ship for 6 km.

Soviet cosmonauts41 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

5. Valeriy Bykovsky piloting Vostok-5 was one of the second joint flight’s pilots. He set up a new flight endurance record – 119 hours and 6 minutes. It remains for this day because there have never been longer solo flights.

Soviet cosmonauts51 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

6. Valentina Tereshkova was not just the first woman in space but she was the one who approached the partner space ship (Vostok 5) at 5 kilometer distance.

Soviet cosmonauts6 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

7. Vladimir Komarov

Soviet cosmonauts7 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

Konstantin Feoktistov

Soviet cosmonauts8 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

Boris Egorov They conducted the first group space flight at the newly constructed Voskhod spacecraft.

Soviet cosmonauts9 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

8. Pavel Belyayev

Soviet cosmonauts10 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

Alexey Leonov This was the first flight of two pilots and this was the flight when Leonov became the first human to conduct a space walk.

Soviet cosmonauts11 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

9. Georgiy Beregovoy piloted the first flight aimed at approaching to an unmanned spacecraft.

Soviet cosmonauts12 Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

10. Vladimir Shatalov was the first Soviet cosmonaut who conducted three space flights and participated in the first docking of two manned spacecrafts.


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