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Sunday , October 22 2017
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Ukrainian Street Children

To tell about the life of street children and raise money for them, “Fund to Fight AIDS” got in touch with the photographer David Gillanders. David visited Ukraine to make a photo essay on children homeless. It should be noted that David managed to earn the trust of children and enter into their circle. His work has deeply touched the Europeans and forced many funds to draw attention to the problems of children and their needs.

Ukrainian Street Children1 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children2 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children3 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children4 Ukrainian Street Children

In February-March 2010 by David Gillanders and broadcaster Rasmus Paulsen’s turned out a new opportunity to visit Ukraine and to assess the current situation. They spent 2 weeks in Odessa in the range of a small group of street children. David follows describes their lives:

Ukrainian Street Children5 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children6 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children7 Ukrainian Street Children

In the south of Odessa on the street of Marshal Zhukov, a small group of 7 inhabited street in the basement of high-rise. To get to their shelter can only be through the vent, through which even the children have to squeeze through. They are connected to the electrical panels in the house that the basement could include a small lamp and use the electric stove. To keep warm, they are pressed against the pipeline, which runs hot water. All seven people infected with HIV every day take dru*s. They mix with the remedy for cough tablets and water to the state of the brown masses, and then filter it and get a yellowish liquid that and inject. To get a regular amount of money these kids steal, beg and collect scrap metal.

Ukrainian Street Children8 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children9 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children10 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children111 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children12 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children13 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children14 Ukrainian Street Children

Ukrainian Street Children15 Ukrainian Street Children

David and Rasmus provided by the European Court of viewers and listeners report on his visit in the form of photographic materials and radio programs. Because they were able to draw the attention of European funds to the problems of street children.In May, 2010 by David Gillanders, Rasmus Paulsen, won the “Fund to Fight AIDS” for their selfless work, which has helped thousands of Ukrainian children.For several years, David worked with homeless children, he knows the history of everyone who can be seen in his photographs.


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