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Sunday , October 22 2017
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Unusual Surfer Photos

Australian photographer Mark Tippl made these amazing underwater pictures of people actively involved in surfing and snorkeling. Photographer tired of the monotonous scenery and he decided to add dynamics to his or her work, photographing the waves at the Australian coast with a new angle. These are some really unusual, but still wonderful shots. Take a look and enjoy.

Unusual Surfer Photos1 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos2 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos3 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos4 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos5 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos6 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos7 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos8 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos9 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos10 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos111 Unusual Surfer Photos

Unusual Surfer Photos12 Unusual Surfer Photos


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