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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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The World’s 10 Most Feared Living Beings

10. Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog The Worlds 10 Most Feared Living Beings
This small yellowish frog isn’t the one that turns into a handsome prince on kissing. With a deadly black tongue that can extend up to 4 metres, the poison dart frog is one of the deadliest creatures alive. Coming from a family of frogs that is native to Central and South America, the poison dart frog is extremely venomous.
One single dumping of its entire load of venom is enough to immediately paralyse and kill ten full grown humans. With a black tongue that oozes slimy black neuro toxins, the poison dart frogs is only too adept at keeping away predators from its pint sized body. Never mess with the ones that croak.
9. Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo The Worlds 10 Most Feared Living Beings
Known for its deadly horns and unpredictable herd behaviour, the cape buffalo or the African buffalo is one tough nut. This buffalo is extremely hard to judge. Its behaviour differs when confronted alone or while in a herd.
Weighing upto 900 kilos, the cape buffalo can run fast enough to startle you. If you ever confront one, be careful of its horns. The deadly horns can rip open your insides in a jiffy. This animal is impossible to be domesticated, unlike its asian counterpart. The cape buffalo is quite something.
8. Polar Bear

Polar Bear The Worlds 10 Most Feared Living Beings
A polar bear might look all white, peaceful and harmless in the zoo, but put it back in its natural environment and watch them eat elephant seals for breakfast.
Found mostly towards the North Pole, the polar bear is amazingly deadly. If you ever find yourself between a mother bear and its cub, be ready to say goodbye to your head. A polar bear’s mighty sharp claws can rip off an adult human’s head in one swipe. It is the largest carnivore, tipping the scales at an average of 650 kilos.
7. African Elephant

African Elephant The Worlds 10 Most Feared Living Beings
Unlike its Asian counterpart, the African elephant grows to humungous sizes. They can weigh upto 16,000 kilos. As if that wasn’t a big enough weapon, they’re entrusted with two sharp tusks.
The tusks however have made them susceptible to poaching. Poachers have had a gala time brandishing their tranquilizer guns, but if caught unarmed by a rampaging African elephant, humans can be stomped to death in one go. Each leg of an African elephant weighs close to 2,000 kilos. That’s 2,000 kilos right on top of your head if it wishes so. A human would be crushed like a soda can made of wick.
6. Australian Saltwater Crocodile

Australian Saltwater Crocodile The Worlds 10 Most Feared Living Beings
Steve Irwin will tell you that these are dangerous; it did rip his heart out in one fearsome move.
The Australian saltwater crocodile is as deadly as crocodiles get. It is the largest of all crocodiles and is found mainly in Northern Australia, Eastern India and some parts of South-east Asia. Weighing roughly 500 kilos, they can both swim swiftly and crawl on land fast. It is an opportunistic predator that basically takes on everything that enters its territory.
If something’s the advantage for this deadly amphibian, it is its intelligence. They are said to be better than lab rats when it comes to conditioning. But an intelligent predator was never a good thing for humans.
5. Black Mamba

Black Mamba The Worlds 10 Most Feared Living Beings
Slithering away at a speed of 20kmph, the black mamba has been rightly feared by one and all. An insanely high quantity of venom stored right beneath the forked tongue is enough to scare the blues out of any human.
A black mamba can deliver up to 400 micro grams of venom in one bite. This is enough to paralyse a human within 10 minutes and kill him in less than 30 minutes. Depending on the size and build of the human, this may extend to an hour. So the only way to survive a bite by this great snake is to carry a vial anti venom in your pockets.
4. Great white shark

Great white shark The Worlds 10 Most Feared Living Beings
It is probably completely unfair that these great beings have 3,000 teeth, each of them sharper than the one before. The great white sharks, found primarily in the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, can swim quite fast for their massive bodies.
Even a vial of blood can send these humungous creatures into a feeding frenzy. They can tear and rip apart almost anything with their sharp teeth. Their skin is blade like, even contact with their skin on the wrong end can tear up a human’s flesh like a razor does, only magnify it a billion times.
3. Jelly fish

Jelly fish The Worlds 10 Most Feared Living Beings
They might look dandy with their funky glowing jelly like bodies, but be stung by them and it is a vat load of pain within seconds.
The Box jelly fish, a species found mainly along the coast of Australia and New Zealand, is extremely potent. Its bite can sting and paralyse the legs of a human within seconds. If untreated within a short time, it’s most definitely fatal. This cube shaped jellyfish can contain upto 60 tentacles, each around 10 metres long. Each tentacle contains 5,000 stinging cells, enough to paralyse and kill around 60 humans.
2. Mosquito

Mosquito The Worlds 10 Most Feared Living Beings
These deadly little buggers are quite the irritants. The mosquitoes aren’t exactly intelligent and very easy to kill. But once bitten by a vector that carries the deadly malaria, there’s not much one can do. You wouldn’t even know if you’ve been bitten by a malarial mosquito until later.
These little pests, with their virus infested feeding tubes, cause the death of close to two million humans every year. That’s more than what the rest of the list put together kills.

1. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Brazilian Wandering Spider The Worlds 10 Most Feared Living Beings
The creepy crawly is the winner. The Brazilian wandering spider is one of the deadliest spiders out there. They are incredibly toxic and with their ‘wandering’ tag, they are very difficult to avoid because you never know where they might be.
The fact that the venom of a Brazilian wandering spider causes an embarrassing problem to its victim is enough to make it the most deadly. A single bite can cause a permanent erection or worse, impotence, until the venom is administered.


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